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A further quarter of 11-year-olds struggle to write properly, figures show.Under proposals announced on Tuesday, some £10m will be invested in a new programme aimed at raising standards, principally among pupils in the poorest areas.The move is likely to cover small catch-up classes and more one-to-one tuition.It is believed the cash could also be used to provide vouchers that parents can spend on their own English tutors.Catch-up classes will run at the end of the final year of primary school and in the first few months of secondary education.But the Department for Education also suggested that some programmes would run during the six-week summer holiday.Children struggling with the basics at the end of primary school will receive one-to-one tuition or intensive coaching in small classes amid fears they risk falling further behind between the age of 11 and 16.“Every child should start secondary school with a head start – not a false start.” Currently, around one in six pupils – 100,000 – fails to master the basics of reading at the end of primary school.

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