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Remember, this is the same guy that came into the big leagues in 2003 weighing just 185 lbs. The good news is Cabrera is showing some serious dedication to get his weight under control as he prepares to transition back to third base.

Manager Jim Leyland, who is already in Lakeland, has a similar target weight for his slugger.

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There are articles dating back to as early as 2007 expressing concern about Cabrera's weight, which was reported to be as high as 265 at the time.Cabrera has lost 20-28 lbs and he wants to lose 15 more to get down to 250.Okay, carry the one, and that means Cabrera was tipping the scales somewhere between 285-293 pounds before hitting the treadmill hard this winter.Everywhere you look Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera is listed at 240 lbs.It's pretty safe to say he hasn't been that light since he was in Florida, but just how much has he packed on since joining the Tigers in 2008?

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