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Natural supernova explosions in space produce a great deal of ionizing radiation near the explosion, which can be seen by its effects in the glowing nebulae associated with them.

Ionizing radiation can also be generated artificially using X-ray tubes, particle accelerators, and any of the various methods that produce radioisotopes artificially.

If the cyclotron has a magnetic field of magnitude 2.80 T, what is the difference in cyclotron frequencies for the two ions?

Carbon -14 and carbon -12 ions are obtained from a sample of the material to be dated and are accelerated in the cyclotron.

Cosmic rays may also produce radioisotopes on Earth (for example, carbon-14), which in turn decay and produce ionizing radiation.

Ionizing radiation may be produced naturally by the acceleration of charged particles by natural electromagnetic fields (e.g.

Solution: Cyclotrons are sometimes used for carbon-dating by accelerating singly ionized C14 and C12 ions from a sample of material.

The attributes of naturally decaying atoms, known as radioisotopes, give rise to several applications across many aspects of modern day life (see also information paper on The Many Uses of Nuclear Technology).

This article reviews the theoretical basis for expecting the presence of carbon-14 in Pliocene to Cambrian carbon from certain creationist viewpoints, and for expecting its absence from a viewpoint proposing a long age of life on Earth. Several conclusions emerge: 1) There is measurable carbon-14 in material that should be "dead" according to standard evolutionary theory; 2) machine error can be eliminated as an explanation for this carbon-14 on experimental grounds; 3) nuclear synthesis of this carbon-14 in situ can be eliminated on theoretical grounds; 4) contamination of fossil material in situ is unlikely but theoretically possible, and is a testable hypothesis; 5) contamination during sample preparation is a significant problem but theoretically soluble; 6) residual activity is most likely indicated by the present data, and if correct, would eliminate an age greater than approximately 100,000 years for life on Earth; and 7) additional experimental evidence cannot eliminate either a short or a long age of life on Earth, but can provide evidence tending to discriminate between the two.

The gun itself is in effect a simple accelerator, because the electrons move through an electric field, as described below.

The voltage between the cathode and the anode in an electron gun is typically 50,000–150,000 atoms consist of single protons, so hydrogen gas is the source of particles for proton accelerators.

Show more A cyclotron is sometimes used for carbon dating.

Carbon-14 and carbon-12 ions are obtained from a sample of the material to be dated and are accelerated in the cyclotron.

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