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Given the holiday weekend with friends and family, a slow news week in general, and my own recovery from Black Friday shopping at a local Wal-Mart … ABC’s 1990s sitcom Boy Meets World has long been a fan-favorite series, and the show’s popularity hasn’t seemed to wane much in the last 12 years it’s been off the air. Here’s a blast from the past to kick off your Saturday: The Disney Channel is apparently developing a revival of sorts of the fantastic 1990s TV series Boy Meets World.

At just 11 years old, Ben Savage landed the role of Cory Matthews, the titular character on Boy Meets World that would define his career.

After seven years of oversized flannel shirts, an epic romance with Danielle Fishel's Topanga (or Corpanga, as Tumblr now knows them), and endless words of wisdom from next-door neighbor turned perpetual teacher Mr.

Feeny (William Daniels), the ABC primetime series came to an end and Savage and the rest of the cast and crew said good-bye to the Philadelphia family that felt like their own.

The beloved coming-of-age 1990s sitcom is now available in the Boy Meets World: The Complete Collection DVD set.

That is, until a year ago, when it was announced that Disney Channel would continue the story of Cory and Topanga — now married with children — the eldest of which, Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard), will be the new focus of spin-off series Girl Meets World.

For some, it would be a strange feeling to revisit a character he or she left behind more than a decade ago. "It's the same exact executive producer, it's the same writers, it's the same cast, and it even comes down to — in typical Cory fashion, which is also typical Ben fashion — the same script supervisor that we had since the beginning of Boy Meets World.

I hear Disney Channel’s sibling Freeform, which also airs multi-camera sitcoms and targets young — but older than Disney Channel’s — audiences, is not an option.

There also are no signs that Disney Channel may reverse its cancellation decision but anything is possible. 17:: Netflix was approached but is not interested in picking up repeats will continue to air on Disney Channel and on Disney Channel’s digital platforms including the Disney Channel app and Disney Channel VOD.

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