Types of dating

When you’ve been in the dating world for quite some time, you may notice that some guys can fit into certain categories. He’d take you on a spontaneous cruise on his yacht. He may even shower you with jewels, designer clothes and everything money can buy. The rich guy commonly fits into one of two categories.

And we’re not just talking about whether they’re good guys or bad guys. He may either be a guy who’s spending his inheritance, and has no concept of earning his own money.

We’re talking about some of the usual archetypes of guys that women may find themselves dating. If that’s not the case, then he may be working so hard to make all this money that he may not have as much time for you. Everyone loves a funny guy, especially one who can turn a somber party around.

With each type of guy in the categories below, you’ll see their defining features and what it is about them that might allure you. The funny guy always has a witty quip to whip out, whenever things are getting dull.

From Men in Uniform to ” category as they are generally aimed at people whose sole hobby in life is swapping bodily fluids with as many individuals as humanly possible.

In some respects this is true, however, they are ultimately about trying to help you meet new people.There are also a number of differences between dating sites – in the services that they offer and the kind of people they are targeting.It is impossible for us to say what the best type of dating site is as it really depends on what you are looking for.However, what we have done is provide you with some recommendations for the best sites in a range of categories listed further down this page.We have also discussed exactly how dating sites differ and looked at some of the reasons why you might want to use a specific type of site.

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