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We now have sufficient information to determine that these skeletal remains should be considered "Native American" as defined by NAGPRA.The results of recent radiocarbon dating of small samples of bone extracted from the remains were given significant weight in making this determination.First, we must determine whether or not the remains meet the definition of "Native American" according to the definition in the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), as interpreted by DOI.Second, if the remains are Native American, the DOI will determine their disposition under the requirements of NAGPRA.She has served as president of the Gate City Bar Association and on the advisory board of the American Bar Association.

The agreement calls for the DOI to investigate and resolve two basic issues.

However, when broken down, the results revealed that certain racial/ethnic combinations were less inclined than others to date someone who was partly outside of their own race and ethnicity.

White biracial individuals (Asian-white, Hispanic-white, and other-white, for example), were less likely to indicate a preference to date outside of their racial/ethnic category compared to the biracial daters as a whole.

To explain this, the authors suggest that "although our findings indicate that biracial individuals are more likely to seek potential partners outside of their same racial/ethnic identity, their dating preferences also reflect a distinct racial hierarchy that may account for why some racial/ethnic categories are more desirable than others." As Mc Grath and her colleagues explain: "Daters essentially 'trade' in personal, social, and cultural capital to find a romantic partner with characteristics that they believe will fulfil their own needs and desires.

In the case of race, individuals who possess the highest level of perceived status may choose to date across colour lines if they also perceive some form of surplus (e.g.

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